Dust promotes growth of fat cells !

It’s no secret that the quality of nutrition we consume and the level of activity we perform play a crucial role in wether we are obese or not.

However a new study published in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology suggests that there’s good reason to make cleaning a priority.

The study focus on dust and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC). EDC’s are substances that can be synthetic as well as natural, which interfere with or mimic our bodies hormones. EDC’s are used among others as flame retardants in furniture, and other sources of EDC include electrical equipment, and even some food and beverage products.

Animal studies show that early exposure to some EDC’s can cause weight gain later in life.

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The new study lead by Heather Stapleton looked at wether EDC’s that’s build up in dust would promote weight gain.

The researchers studied dust samples from 11 north carolinan homes against mouse cells in a laboratory. 7 of the 11 samples triggered the celles to develop into mature fat cells and 9 samples spurred the fat cells to divide and create a larger pool of fat cells.

The study also showed amounts as little as 3 micrograms caused measurable effects.

You an find the full study here.