Acesalus is created and written by Michael Holm.

After completing an education in the health care sector I started to notice that we are

really good at making people live longer, but not really that good at securing people’s ¬†quality of life throughout the years. Yes we can keep people alive, but is it worth it if the quality of life does not follow along ? Is it worth it to keep people alive if side effects of medications makes life misserable ?

Simultaneously  we experienced a boom in life style related diseases Рand I started to question if the problem with health today could be nutrition related. Is there a coalation between the ever increasing industrialization of food production and how healthy we are ?

So I started to dig into the subject and what I found was , that yes there probably is a strong connection between quality ( or rather lack of quality) of food and how healthy we are.

My intend with this blog is, to share what I have learned throughout my studies and research and raise questions to research and health claims. The name of the site is a combination of Aceso the ancient greek goddess of the healing of sickness and salus the latin word for health.

Michael Holm is also a member of Consumer Health Digest Expert panel and content contributor to the website.

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